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Phoenix: Peleus Panel Prep

Phoenix: Peleus Panel Prep

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Peleus Panel Prep is a rapid-flashing, professional-grade surface cleaner that will effortlessly allow you to remove residual contaminants to prepare the surface for wax, sealants, or coatings. Peleus Panel Prep is highly effective in cleaning glass, rubber, and plastic surfaces without streaking or leaving residue. By using Peleus Panel Prep, you’re ensuring a proper bond between the treated surface and your chosen protection product such as Glossome Wax, Immortal Ceramic Spray, or Kronos Ceramic Coating.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cleans and decontaminates surface to ensure product effectiveness
  • Leaves the surface free of polish, detergent, and streaks
  • Multi-Surface Application – safe for use on paint, clear coat, chrome, plastic, and glass
  • Safe, easy, and effective


To remove residual polishing oils, mist Peleus Panel Prep onto a cool surface (or directly into a microfiber) and gently wipe with a soft, clean, microfiber towel. Flip the towel periodically to avoid oversaturation. Wipe the surface until the product flashes and dissipates. To remove waxes or sealants, follow the same procedure above and repeat until all hydrophobic properties are no longer present.

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