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Apex Surface Protection

Blue Collar SIX Wheel Coating

Blue Collar SIX Wheel Coating

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Blue Collar 6 is a heat resistant track grade wheel coating designed to protect your wheels from ferrous metals and assist in making the cleaning process a whole lot easier. Blue Collar 6 features a Polysilazane formula specifically for rims. It bonds to any wheel type to create a heat resistant barrier capable of withstanding temperature as high as 900 degrees. The hydrophobic formula produces a self-cleaning effect that makes it easier to keep wheels clean.


1. Prepare surface by washing and using a prep spray.

2. Apply a thick even coat using applicator of your choice.

3. Wait 2 minutes and wipe off.

4. Allow to fully cure for 12 hr.

5. Enjoy.


Warning: Hazardous material!!  DO NOT DRINK, SIP, SMELL, OR TOUCH THE COATING BARE HANDED. Use protection on sensitive areas and wear gloves to protect hands from contaminating your skin. Failure to do so could result in skin irritation and chemical reactions. Drinking or consuming the coating could result in discomfort, pain or poisoning.  Consult with a doctor immediately if exposed to the coating and you experience any symptoms. Call 911 in case of a emergency. Keep out of reach of children.  

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