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Apex Surface Protection

Blue Collar FOUR Glass Sealant Spray

Blue Collar FOUR Glass Sealant Spray

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Blue Collar 4 Glass Spray Sealant is an easy to use, economical repellent and protectant for glass, windshields, windows, plexiglass, mirrors, and clear plastic. Blue Collar 4 Glass Sealant provides a durable, invisible coating to your windshield giving it excellent rain repellency.

DisclaimerBigger bottle sizes are designed to refill the 4oz bottles, dabber caps not included for larger bottle sizes

The invisible coating repels rain, sleet, and snow to maintain a high level of visibility, dramatically improving weather driving visibility. The treatment also makes for easy removal of ice, frost, salt, mud and bugs.

Blue Collar 4 contains durable anti-static polymer and Sio2, which will help dust from settling on your glass. RAIN also significantly improves scratch resistance.


  1. Prep glass and windscreen.
  2. Spray on.
  3. Wipe off. 
  4. Let cure 2 hr.
  5. Enjoy!

Repeat on a monthly basis


Warning: Hazardous material!!  DO NOT DRINK, SIP, SMELL, OR TOUCH THE COATING BARE HANDED. Use protection on sensitive areas and wear gloves to protect hands from contaminating your skin. Failure to do so could result in skin irritation and chemical reactions. Drinking or consuming the coating could result in discomfort, pain or poisoning.  Consult with a doctor immediately if exposed to the coating and you experience any symptoms. Call 911 in case of a emergency. Keep out of reach of children.  

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