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Apex Surface Protection

Blue Collar TWO Ceramic Coating Spray ( 1 Year )

Blue Collar TWO Ceramic Coating Spray ( 1 Year )

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Blue Collar 2 is designed to be a very quick and relatively easy short term coating that you can simply mist or spray to apply. Its made up of polysilazane and offers some durability boosts to painted surfaces ( 5H ) , UV protection, as well as a significant boost to shine and gloss. 

The best way to apply Blue Collar 2 is to spray into a damp microfiber towel and buff out paint in a 3x3 section, then follow up with a dry microfiber towel and wipe away all the excess coating till its completely invisible and move onto the next panel.  Let cure minimum of 4 hr. Keep out of rain and free flowing water until cured. Top with Blue Collar 3 and enjoy!!


  • Hydrophobicity 
  • Shine and gloss boost
  • UV Protection
  • Hardness of 5H
  • Quicker application
  • Easier to wipe away
  • Can be layered
  • Year long durability
  • Chemical resistance 

Warning: Hazardous material!!  DO NOT DRINK, SIP, SMELL, OR TOUCH THE COATING BARE HANDED. Use protection on sensitive areas and wear gloves to protect hands from contaminating your skin. Failure to do so could result in skin irritation and chemical reactions. Drinking or consuming the coating could result in discomfort, pain or poisoning.  Consult with a doctor immediately if exposed to the coating and start to experience any symptoms. Call 911 in case of a emergency. Keep out of reach of children.  

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