Blue Collar 3 Ceramic Detailer ( 3 - 6 months )

Blue Collar 3 Ceramic Detailer ( 3 - 6 months )

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Introducing the Blue Collar product line.

A solo venture from Brian at Apex Detail creating surface production sprays and coatings that are fun to use, easy to apply, effective and glossy, and very economical.

Click Here to watch a video on what Blue Collar 3 is all about.  

These products were developed for daily use at our shop as we are in the trenches daily just like yourself. They were developed to put a smile on our picky clientele and now they are available for YOU to experience. Enjoy!

Blue Collar 3 Blue Collar maintenance/detail/gloss enhancement spray. Blue Collar 3 can be used many ways. As a detail spray, it can remove fingerprints, light dust and boost gloss and slickness on painted surfaces. Can be used on any hard, external surface of your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV.

Blue Collar 3 can also be used as a maintenance spray or topper for existing coatings or sealants. You can use it as often as you wish and can be layered. Blue Collar 3 can be used as a stand alone form of protection using its rich Sio2/Polymer formula. An average of 3 months durability has been documented. A little goes a long way! Shine on!!

DIRECTIONS: *Find the cleanest, cool environment out of direct sunlight and let the fun begin! *spray lightly into clean, slightly damp microfiber or application pad and spread out onto panel from top to bottom. Immediately use a second clean, dry microfiber to buff off. *There should be no streaks, shadows or haziness. If you notice these, you may be using to much of this concentrated formula. *Let surface cure for 12-24 hr away from free flowing water or rainfall. *Enjoy results! The slickness and intense gloss will continue throughout the next 10 days.

Notice: Always use protective gear while using detailing products. Do not ingest. If splashed into your eyes. Flush immediately. Keep away from small children.

 * Certified User Discounts will not be valid for any existing Blue Collar products*