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Oxide / Bead Combo

Oxide / Bead Combo

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Combining the Apex Surface Protection Metal Oxide coating and the aftercare beading sealant in one package will maximize your cars protection from harmful UVA, UVB, IR, water spots and other harmful elements as well as giving the surface of your car water repellent properties. This allows water to bead making it easier to keep the vehicle dry and easier to maintain. 

*Be Sure to contact us to become a certified installer of this professional coating. We cannot guarantee results without certification and proper training.*

Comes with 1 Dropper & 1 Micro suede Block Applicator. 

Product Highlights & Properties

-Intense gloss
-High surface tension(beading)
-Ease of use
-Self cleaning properties
-Can be diluted

-Use on all external surfaces
-Repels water
-UV/IR block
-Ease of use
-High gloss
-Heat dispersal
-Self cleaning properties
-1 layer/ 3 to 5 year protection
-Resists chemicals
-Resists corrosion
-Sharp gloss and shine